Carpet clean causes chemical emergency in Frampton Cotterell

June 02 2019
Carpet clean causes chemical emergency in Frampton Cotterell

FIREFIGHTERS had to be called in after chemical incident at a house in Frampton Cotterell.

Avon Fire and Rescue Service was called in to a house in the village, above, shortly after 4pm yesterday to a chemical spillage.

A spokesperson for the service said: "The lounge carpet had been affected by the overuse of cleaning chemicals."

Fire crews from Yate and Patchway stations were called in and wore breathing masks as they removed the carpet from the house.

The spokesperson said the firefighters then decontaminated the carpet using water from the high-pressure hoses more often used to fight fires.

No-one was injured in the incident.

Yate Fire Station posted pictures from the incident on social media, saying: "Please be careful when using household chemicals! Everyone escaped without harm today."

Frampton carpet contamination

Firefighters wash down after dealing with the chemicals. Both pictures courtesy of Yate Fire Station.