Changes planned for Park Lane junction

December 23 2020
Changes planned for Park Lane junction

A BUSY junction on the main road into Frampton Cotterell and Coalpit Heath from Bristol is set to be transformed with a one-way system and partial right-turn

South Gloucestershire Council is planning the changes to the junction of Park Lane with the A432 Badminton Road and has asked for residents' comments.

The changes would see the south west spur of the junction made one-way for traffic heading from Bristol towards Frampton, and traffic coming from Coalpit Heath and Yate banned from turning right from Badminton Road on to the same spur.

Traffic coming from Coalpit Heath and Yate would still be able to use the north-easterly spur of the junction to get on to Park Lane.

Explaining the proposed changes, South Gloucestershire Council said the work was part of a planning agreement linked to the Blackberry Hill housing development.

The council said: "These works involve widening of the highway and introducing a one-way restriction and prohibition of right turn, to aid traffic flow and create a safer road environment.

"The one-way restriction will allow vehicles to access Park Lane from the southern spur off Badminton Road but will prevent vehicles from accessing Badminton Road from Park Lane via this spur.

"This manoeuvre is at an oblique angle which makes it difficult for drivers to make safely.

"Similarly the right turn into the southern spur of Badminton Road is at a very acute angle and would also create difficulties for some drivers.

"An added concern is that these manoeuvres that are currently permitted would risk conflict with pedestrians using the dropped kerbs to cross the southern spur off Badminton Road."

The changes will be backed by a reduction in the speed limit on Badminton Road from 40mph to 30mph in the area around the junction.

Kevin Brewer, who runs a hot food business in the nearby lay-by (above), said the proposed changes were welcome.

He said: “In my eyes it’s going to be a great help because I’ve been in the lay-by now 24 years and I’ve probably seen 24 accidents here, one a year minimum.

"You see a lot of accidents here and some of them are at high speed, so I think it will be a great improvement for the area.”

Comments on the planned changes need to be made by January 4.

They can be made on the consultations section of South Gloucestershire Council's website.