Changes to plans for former Live & Let Live pub in Frampton Cotterell

July 28 2022
Changes to plans for former Live & Let Live pub in Frampton Cotterell

THE developer who wants to build a supermarket on the site of former Frampton Cotterell pub the Live and Let Live pub has made changes to its plans.

But some residents say they are still concerned about the proposals for a new Co-op on the Clyde Road pub's car park and several homes on the site.

When the plan was first published in December last year, objectors said they were concerned it would affect two existing small convenience stores in the village.

People living nearby said it would create extra traffic close to a crossroad in a residential area.

The original plan was to convert the pub, which has been closed since 2019, into two houses, build a new supermarket with three flats above, and a large new house behind. 

Now agents Pure Town Planning have submitted revised plans, including converting the old pub into just one house, in order to minimise changes to the historic building, and make the new home a “modest” bungalow.  

The new plans also reduce the size of the new store slightly, from 358sqm to 350sqm.   

Chris Miell from Pure Town Planning said the smaller shop size meant the proposal now meets the definition of a ‘small store’, as defined in the local plan.

He said: "The changes have arisen following discussions with the council’s planning officer and conservation officer and seek to address their concerns.”

As the Voice went to press, a further 16 objections had been lodged to the new proposals, bringing to total to 30 comments – 23 objecting and four supporting.  

Edwina Pennell, whose family run the Village Roots Nisa store a quarter of a mile away, and Sangarapillai Jagatheepan who runs the Western Garage on Bristol Road have both objected because of the potential impact on their businesses.

Several people who submitted comments on the new plan said previous concerns had not been addressed.

Hannah Frost said: “Traffic is already busy on this route and adding multiple dwellings and a busy shop will on increase it. I think it is incredibly dangerous to have lorry access to the shop on such a well-used school route.”

Fiona Higginson said there was no need for another small shop, adding: “We already have the Sainsbury's, Patco, Nisa, and the garage at North Corner. All these smaller businesses will be put in jeopardy with this competition.”

The supporters of the plan include Vicki Clarke, who said the Co-op would be a valuable asset to the local area, allowing people to walk to their local shop and buy supplies. 

The plans can be viewed on the planning section of South Gloucestershire Council's website, by searching for application P21/08109/F.