Closed roads will reopen after council u-turn

November 08 2021
Closed roads will reopen after council u-turn

SOUTH Gloucestershire Council will remove controversial closures on two roads in Staple Hill.

The council has reversed its earlier recommendation that the decision to shut Charnell Road and Signal Road, off Teewell Hill, to through traffic should be made permanent.

The council closed both roads last year on an experimental basis, saying the move would help encourage walking and cycling on the nearby Bristol and Bath Railway Path during the covid lockdown, taking through traffic away from its entrance in nearby Charnhill Drive.

In August residents of Signal Road and Charnell Road were sent letters telling them council officers were recommending the closures be made permanent. The council said residents of both streets had backed the scheme.

But people living in other streets nearby, including Teewell Hill, Teewell Avenue and Lydney Road, said the council had disregarded the opposition of people living in the wider area, both in consultation surveys and petitions.

Residents of nearby streets including Teewell Hill, Teewell Avenue and Lydney Road showed their opposition to the closures earlier this year

Today the council confirmed that its director of environment and community services, Nigel Riglar, had made a decision to remove the experimental road closures at Signal Road and Charnell Road.

Instead, a scheme to investigate a 20mph zone in the Charnhill Drive area will be added to the council’s local transport priority list, to "address the traffic issues likely to return once the closures are removed".

The council's decision statement said: "Whilst we recognise that the experimental road closures have received positive responses from the roads immediately affected, ie Signal Road and Charnell Road, the consultation results show that the closures have not been well received over the wider area.

"The general view from the local community is that the closures have introduced further traffic issues on the neighbouring roads.

"Properties near the closure points have experienced private driveways being used as turning areas and obstructed by deliveries, taxis and visitors, and large vehicles reversing out onto Teewell Hill."

A council spokesperson said the authority planned to remove the closures on December 23.

Top picture: Concrete rings blocking Signal Road shortly after the closures were introduced last summer