Co-op members give Frampton Cotterell preschool a boost

January 27 2020
Co-op members give Frampton Cotterell preschool a boost

A FRAMPTON Cotterell preschool is set to upgrade its garden and buy new toys thanks to a grant from Co-op members.

Zion Community Preschool in Frampton Cotterell was awarded £3,200 grant by the supermarket, which has a store in Dragon Road, Winterbourne.

The money came from the Co-op’s Local Community Fund membership initiative, where members contribute 1% of what they spend at the supermarket to local good causes. Across the country around £17 million per year is paid out to 4,000 good causes.

Every year there is a ‘Big Payout’ after local members have chosen their favourite organisation to benefit and this time the preschool in Woodend Road, which has 32 children on its roll, was the local winner.

Preschool leader Carole Baldwin said: “We were very grateful and overwhelmed with the amount of money received for our preschool. It will enable us to do so much to benefit the children. We would like to thank everybody who voted for us, it is much appreciated.

Staff have discussed what resources we need and I will be meeting with our committee very soon to make a decision about the garden area. We are looking at a different surface for the bottom of the garden as the grass doesn't grow very well and it just gets very wet and boggy.”

Some of the money will also go to replace toys that have been broken and to update current toys, items which the preschool’s education grant funding is unable to cover. It pays for staff salaries, rent, insurance and everyday essentials.


Former preschool committee member Anna Keir was responsible for making the grant application.

She said: “I came across the Co-op Local Community Fund online whilst doing research for work. I thought it was definitely worth applying. So I worked with the staff, and we put together a compelling application!

Zion is a lovely preschool which both my children have very much benefited from, but funding is always in short supply and a struggle to make ends meet.”

Months went past before the preschool knew the final total that they would be awarded.

Carole said: “I had checked on the website during the year to see how much money had been raised and it was under £1,000, so I was shocked when we received the email telling us the full amount.”