Community rallies around Reagan's homeless appeal

December 23 2020
Community rallies around Reagan's homeless appeal

A TEENAGER from Coalpit Heath has filled more than 20 rucksacks and shoeboxes with essentials to help homeless people after calling on her community to help.

Reagan Norris, 13, was completing the volunteering section of her Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, and found that because of the coronavirus pandemic she was unable to do the usual activities such as working in a charity shop.

She had to come up with something she could do from home and, after doing her own research online, Reagan chose the Christmas appeal run by the charity Help Bristol’s Homeless, which was collecting essential items and packing them into rucksacks and shoeboxes.

She then designed her own leaflet to encourage people to donate.

Reagan said: “I made leaflets and delivered them to neighbours and friends, my nanny helped as well with friends and customers from her pub. We asked for donations of hats, scarves, toiletries, chocolates, biscuits backpacks and sleeping bags.

It makes me feel good about myself that I’m helping homeless people especially at this time of the year when they need it the most.”


Reagan with some of the donations made to her appeal

Mum Lyndsey said: “I am just super proud of her, she targeted to do between 8 to 10 – it could be a rucksack or a shoebox – we’ve at least doubled that.”

The final total filled was eleven rucksack and 10 shoeboxes, which Reagan and Lyndsey delivered to the Bristol charity, and were given a tour.

Help Bristol’s Homeless focuses on getting living accommodation for homeless people as a priority.

The Duke of Edinburgh award has four sections, Volunteering, Physical, Skills and Expedition. To achieve the award young people must commit themselves to an activity and spend three months completing it, working at least and hour per week.

The team at Help Bristol’s Homeless are writing a letter to the awards organisers to confirm the work Reagan has done.