December's letters page

December 08 2013

Letters to the editor for December's edition

Winterbourne parking row continues

 South Gloucestershire Council did not make the decision to take away 11 short term shoppers spaces because when I wrote to them about the loss of these spaces they assured me they had not made the decision and knew nothing about it.

I therefore wrote to the Parish Council whole said they were not responsible as the car park belonged to South Glos Council.

I should therefore like to know who sent the little man with the paint brush to alter the markings in the car park.

I think I can make an educated guess.

 D. Forsey



A roundabout for Winterbourne?

 Has there ever been a thought about making the island in front of the George & Dragon into a Roundabout ?  

Looking at a Google Earth picture of the site, it seems to be so easy to adapt the current situation. 

The only change being making the High Street southbound traffic go past the front of the Co-op. 

The pedestrian crossing to remain where it is now, but become a light controlled Pelican crossing.

Keith Isherwood


In support of a Coalpit Heath Sainsbury’s

 I know a lot of pensioners who don’t drive would like a Sainsbury near by and able to walk to the shop. We can’t always get what we want in local shops. We have not got a butchers.

 There is a petition in the local shops against opening Sainsbury’s but I think a lot of people would like to have a Sainsbury’s.  The local shops do not always have what you want.

  Jean Twining, Frampton 


A call to arms over the future of Frenchay Hospital

South Gloucestershire Council Public Health and Health Scrutiny Committee have voted to refer the contentious issue of Frenchay Community Hospital with 68 beds, outpatient clinics and diagnostics, to Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health. 

He may then refer the matter to the Independent Reconfiguration Panel – an independent panel of experts – for the Panel’s advice to guide his decision.  We welcome this decision.

At present, South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (SGCCG) have told us they have no intention of providing our long-awaited community hospital we have waited so long for over the last nine years. 

Instead, they want to provide 68 beds in a private nursing home facility without outpatient clinics and diagnostics.  

Already patients are being discharged locally into nursing homes if they are too unwell to go home.  

Our view is that the CCG proposal is not equivalent to a community hospital.

The proposal for a community hospital has twice received formal approval, in 2005 and again in 2010. 

The SGCCG argue that there is no money and yet £118million was accumulated by NHS South West in 2012 as a ‘surplus’ to be spent in the South West health community.  There is money.

We will continue to fight for safe, proper care for the residents of South Gloucestershire and Bristol until we get the community hospital we so badly need.

Without a fight, the entire county of South Gloucestershire will have no acute or intermediate care beds within its boundary.

This is not acceptable.

Barbara Harris – Spokesperson, Save Frenchay Community Hospital Group