Filton and Bradley Stoke general election 2019 candidates

November 22 2019
Filton and Bradley Stoke general election 2019 candidates

VOTERS in the Filton and Bradley Stoke constituency have five candidates to choose from on December 12.

FILTON and Bradley Stoke is the parliamentary constituency where Winterbourne residents cast their votes.

The electoral ward, which also includes Watley's End and Hambrook, is at the eastern edge of the constituency.

In Filton and Bradley Stoke, the Conservatives are defending a majority of 4,190 from the last election in 2017.

Jack Lopresti was first elected the MP for Filton and Bradley Stoke when the seat was created in 2010. Labour has come second each time so far.

This year, there are five parties vying for the seat: the others are the Liberal Democrats, Greens and the Citizens Movement Party UK.

As in all Tory-held seats, the Brexit Party is not standing a candidate.

The Green candidate originally selected for Filton and Bradley Stoke, Tom Meadowcroft, withdrew days before nominations closed and resigned from the party to support Labour. The Greens have selected another candidate.

The Voice has asked every candidate nominated in the election to tell us about themselves and their aims.

They are included here in the order they will appear on the ballot paper.



Elaine Hardwick – Citizens Movement Party UK

Elaine Hardwick 

Elaine moved to Filton in 1994 with her husband and three children from Telford, Shropshire. In 1997 the family moved into Jordan Walk, Bradley Stoke, which is owned by a Housing Association and in 1999 moved to a private property in Hawkins Crescent, Bradley Stoke – they were only able to do this due to the housing company paying the deposit.

Over the years Elaine has worked in many different industries, from fish and chip shops to factories and finance.

As a former Mayor and a current Councillor since 2011, party leader Cllr Elaine Hardwick of Bradley Stoke was under the ticket of the Conservatives until she resigned in 2018 and stood in the May 2019 local elections as an Independent.

In June 2019 she decided to set up her own political party, called the Citizens Movement Party UK, when she listened to the members of the public who are disillusioned with the current political situation and wanting change locally and nationally.



Louise Harris – Liberal Democrat

Louise Harris 

"I grew up in Downend, went to Rodway, now Mangotsfield, school and know the area inside out. A graduate in European Politics and Economics, I’ve campaigned for a People’s Vote and, in a constituency where the majority voted Remain, am committed to stopping Brexit. I want Article 50 revoked to protect local jobs and public services.

"Campaigning to protect our environment has been my main focus going back to my student days. Most recently as a South Glos councillor I helped get cross-party backing for declaring a Climate Emergency in South Gloucestershire and am determined to build on my long record of action on the environment in Parliament.

"Professionally I have worked in the Voluntary Sector for 25 years, supporting vulnerable adults, promoting their rights and independence. As an MP, I will stand up for local people of all ages and backgrounds. Fighting for social justice and the environment are my passions in life I will take with me to Parliament.

"As the MP for Filton & Bradley Stoke, I will focus on building a brighter future for everyone – tackling the climate emergency, building a stronger and greener economy and getting proper funding for our schools and health services."



Jack Lopresi – Conservative

Jack Lopresti 

"I have had the honour and privilege of representing this wonderful constituency since 2010. I have lived in Bristol and South Gloucestershire all my life, so this is home. I have worked hard to deliver for our local area, including securing £50m for a new junction on the M49; Government funding for the MetroBus project, which has greatly improved local transport, and also successfully campaigning to remove tolls on the Severn Bridge.

"I helped steer legislation through the House of Commons which enshrined the Military Covenant in law for the first time. I used my maiden speech to campaign vigorously for the Government to commit to Airbus’s A400M aircraft, and was delighted when they announced in the Strategic Defence and Security Review that they would buy 22, securing hundreds of local jobs and providing the RAF with a vital capability.

"In Parliament I have championed social mobility as Chair of the All-Party Group for Apprenticeships and Vice Chair of the All-Party Group for Social Mobility. I have met Schools Minister Nick Gibb in London and locally to press our case for more schools funding and was pleased that the Prime Minister has now pledged to give us a significant increase."



 Mhairi Threlfall – Labour


Mhairi Threlfall

"WE have had nine years of cuts to the things that matter most to our community. We were told that these cuts had to be made because of the recession, yet the national debt under the Tories has increased to £1.8 trillion*. We have seen disinvestment in our NHS, with a loss of our local GP surgeries, and increased waiting times together with severe cuts to social services. Our schools are some of the most underfunded in the country and it is unacceptable that working families have to rely on food-banks, with those who care for an elderly or disabled relative, often struggling to pay for the basics day to day.

"In the last couple of weeks, I have been listening to workers, staff in public services (schools, NHS, MoD), to people on the doorstep and community groups on the issues that matter to them. As a local councillor, and educator at UWE, I am standing on my track record of delivery, and it is these conversations that have developed my pledges to you - to fight for the investment our communities need, and to be an accessible, open constituency MP. "

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Jenny Vernon – Green Party


Jenny Vernon

"Hello, my name is Jenny and I’m the Green Party’s parliamentary candidate for Filton & Bradley Stoke. It’s where I’ve lived all my life and where I brought up my family with the support of local schools. Hence it’s not surprising that I would prioritise fighting for the funding our schools, teachers and young people need and deserve.

"For me, this is also about giving something back. I want to ensure the NHS receives the funding it deserves – across social care too, especially our chronically underfunded mental health service, which desperately needs investment. No more privatisation by stealth either!

"More social housing and proper welfare support are also priorities. But above all, this is a climate election. We need to be fossil free by 2030 to have even a hope of having a planet to leave to our great great grandchildren. Investing in public transport and rolling out renewable energy will create thousands of green jobs – essential in our constituency, where we have several talented engineering and design businesses.

"And lastly, this is about doing politics differently. We need to move away from the politics of hate to the politics of hope. And no more demonisation of people. Vote Green."