Filton and Bradley Stoke stays blue

December 13 2019
Filton and Bradley Stoke stays blue

CONSERVATIVE Jack Lopresti has won the Filton and Bradley Stoke seat for the Conservatives for a fourth time.

In the December 12 general election the sitting MP received 26,293 votes, ahead of Labour’s Mhairi Threlfall in second place with 20,697. His majority of 5,596 was up by just over 1,400 on the 2017 result, although both the Tories and Labour saw their overall share of the vote fall slightly.

Liberal Democrat Louise Harris was third on 4,992 with Green Jenny Vernon fourth on 1,563 and The Citizens Movement Party UK’s Elaine Hardwick, who received 257.

The Tories' overall vote in the constituency, which includes Winterbourne, rose by 954 but with turnout up by almost 3,000, their share of the vote was about one per cent down on the 2017 general election, while Labour dropped three per cent, the Lib Dems picked up three per cent and the Greens gained one per cent.

Mr Lopresti (above, centre) has been the MP for Filton and Bradley Stoke since the constituency was created in 2010.

He said: “I would like to thank my team, who have been a great support over the last six weeks during a difficult, cold, dark, wet campaign but it all worked out very well in the end.

It has been the honour of my life to represent this area for the last nine years.

I believe this is the highest number of votes I have ever had and I am very honoured that they have asked me to serve this great constituency for the fourth time.

I think the British people wanted clarity, they wanted a government with a majority for stability and clearly to deliver Brexit.

That’s what we are going to do.

I truly believe we will get a great Brexit deal and our best days are ahead of us.”

Ms Threlfall said: “We may not have won this election but we certainly haven’t lost. There is a lot of hope still.”

Ms Threlfall, a Bristol city councillor, said the reason for Labour’s defeat was “more complex” than simply blaming party leader Jeremy Corbyn.


By Adam Postans, Local Democracy Reporting Service



Jack Lopresti (Conservative) 26,293

Mhairi Threlfall (Labour) 20,647

Louise Harris (Liberal Democrats) 4,992

Jenny Vernon (Green) 1,563

Elaine Hardwick (Citizens Movement Party UK) 257