Frampton Cotterell's new play area is up and running

September 06 2019
Frampton Cotterell's new play area is up and running

FRAMPTON Cotterell's newly revamped play area is now open.

Installation at Beesmoor Road Playing Fields finished on schedule so that families could enjoy it over the bank holiday weekend.

The playing fields management committee, which has spent five years planning and fundraising, was delighted to see children playing in the area which they have been involved with creating from the start.

Part of it was opened on August 1, in time for the Holiday Club picnic organised by churches in Frampton Cotterell and Coalpit Heath.

Kate Colechin who is on the committee, said: “Our brief was to install a creative and imaginative space for children to play and it's brilliant that this a completely unique play area.

"The children's ideas during the 'Designing for Real' workshop back in 2016 have been developed to create the new play area that we have today.”

At the start of the summer holidays more than 80 children and their families came to a workshop to help build the play area's den, including members of the 1st Frampton Beavers, below.

The majority of the overall design is already in place because of the grant from the Postcode Lottery for £20,000, which came in as the installation process started, and a further £11,500 from Frampton Cotterell Parish Council.

This leaves only one phase of the upgrade still to come, and the play park will close in the autumn so that the basket swing, tower slide and wooden fence to separate it from the playing field can all be installed.

If enough grant funding is obtained, the willow tunnel will be the last item to be added, following another community workshop in February next year.


The following organisations have all given grants: Enovert Community Fund, Ibstock Community Fund, the Postcode Local Trust, Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, and Frampton Cotterell and Westerleigh parish councils.

The management committee's members are volunteers and are always on the lookout for anyone new who would like to get involved. To get in touch, email