Frampton Thirds match is what rugby is all about

February 24 2019
Frampton Thirds match is what rugby is all about

FRAMPTON Cotterell 3rds travelled over to North Bristol 2nds in a match that can be described as “what rugby is all about”.

Many clubs are struggling to field three sides and North Bristol are in that area. However, their 2nds are able to cobble a team together and were made up from players from a mix of 2nd and 3rd team players from North Bristol RFC, BAC RFC and Aretians RFC.

This combination proved a step too far for Frampton’s 3rds and with a number of replacements saw North Bristol run out 21-8 winners.

The game was physical and as fast, due to being played on the new 4G synthetic pitch.

At full-time, all players came together to demonstrate that there is a very weird bond between rugby players from opposing sides. During the game they will hit hard in the tackles, ruck hard and do every thing in their power to dominate you, but once the final whistle is blown, no-one or anything will change the result.

So, it’s back to the bar and talk over the “what-if” plays and share memories from the past.

This epic picture was enough to win from Wadsworth brewery beer for both clubs in their picture of the week.

Frampton Cotterell would like to thank North for their hospitality and wish them the best for the rest of the season – but when you come to Frampton we aim to turn you over!

Peter Zaffiro

Picture: Frampton Cotterell 3rds got on well with this scratch North Bristol 2nds team -- but only before and after the match!