Hambrook junction turning bans to stay in place

September 02 2021
Hambrook junction turning bans to stay in place

CHANGES to the Hambrook traffic light junction introduced two years ago are to remain in place for some time to come.

South Gloucestershire Council was told by the government to cut levels of toxic nitrogen dioxide at the junction of the A4174 Avon Ring Road and the B4058 Bristol Road.

In August 2019 it used 'experimental traffic order' powers to ban vehicles coming east from Downend and south from Frenchay accessing the road towards Winterbourne, sending them around the nearby M32 roundabout instead.

The changes were supposed to be tried for up to 18 months to see if air quality improved.

But because the coronavirus lockdown reduced all traffic levels, the Government has told the council to continue monitoring air pollution at the site while motorists return to previous travelling habits following the lifting of restrictions.

The council has not given any indication of how long the layout changes will be kept in place.

A spokesperson said: "Traffic patterns were significantly disrupted by the various lockdown periods and the Government recognises that 2020/21 monitoring results can’t be used to assess the impact of the changes."