Hate messages left for Frampton Cotterell butcher

June 19 2019
Hate messages left for Frampton Cotterell butcher

A BUTCHER had a nasty surprise when a sign wishing cancer on his family was placed outside the shop where he works.

A placard was left outside Molesworth Butchers in Frampton Cotterell with the message “Rot in hell murdering scum” on one side and “cancer on you and your family” on the other.

It was found by butcher Nick Rapps after a customer pointed it out to him while he was working, on June 14.

Nick said: “I was out the back and a lady popped in and she said ‘I don’t know if you’ve seen it but there’s a very nasty sign over your sign on the other side of the road’. It was over an advertising board of ours.”

Nick describes himself as a laid-back person who is willing to have an educated conversation on most things, and he wasn’t overly bothered by the ‘scum’ message.

Nick Rapps

He said: “I do understand the point and I have zero problem with people who want a vegan diet, as it will have some benefits to it and some aspects that aren’t beneficial.”

However, the back of the sign affected him more because he has lost relatives to cancer.

Nick said: “I’ve got a very thick skin, so the whole 'rot in hell' thing made me chuckle, then when I saw the other side it made my stomach turn, because my uncle died at 24 from cancer and my nan died from cancer. It’s always been that thing that we’ve realised that we are susceptible to, and I’ve got three-year-old son.”

Nick happened to be catching up with an old school friend that morning who is doing a bike ride to raise funds for cancer charities. He decided to turn the message into a positive by sponsoring him.

He said: “If you’re going to work in this trade you kind of expect there are going to be people who disagree with you. If you go to a social event and people say what do you do for a living – you hesitate – you don’t know how they will feel. I’ve learnt over the years to gage conversations. I’m such a relaxed person I have no venom in me at all.”

Nick has no idea who was behind the sign, as no-one has claimed responsibility or identified the person who left it there, but feels that whoever made it was seeking a reaction.