Inspectors praise Winterbourne care home's handling of COVID-19 outbreak

January 29 2021
Inspectors praise Winterbourne care home's handling of COVID-19 outbreak

HEALTH and care inspectors say a Winterbourne nursing home affected by a COVID-19 outbreak is following safe infection prevention and control procedures.

The Voice reported last month that two residents at Blossom Fields, in the High Street, had died after an outbreak that staff had worked "tremendously hard" to bring under control.

The director of Grove Care, which runs Blossom Fields, said at the time that the team shared the sadness of families and said it was "impossible to overstate just how careful everyone has been".

Watchdog the Care Quality Commission sent inspectors to visit the home in December, after the outbreak, to ensure that infection prevention and control practice was safe.

The targeted inspection was part of CQC’s response to care homes with outbreaks of coronavirus.

In mid-January the CQC published its report, which concluded that inspectors left Blossom Fields assured that its staff were "following safe infection prevention and control procedures to keep people safe".

The inspectors examined eight areas including shielding and social distancing, use of PPE, testing, hygiene and infection management.

They praised its policies, procedures, monitoring and "good practice", adding: "People’s well-being, both emotionally and physically, was paramount during the covid outbreak.

"Staff understood the anxieties the outbreak would cause to both the people they cared for and their loved ones. The atmosphere was respectful, peaceful and compassionate tinged with great sadness."

Blossom Fields has an outstanding rating from the CQC from its last full report in 2019 and retains the rating following the targeted inspection.

Grove Care director Christopher Taylor said: “The recent inspection was an interim measure carried out as part of their response to care homes with outbreaks of coronavirus, with all homes which had outbreaks being inspected to ensure that policies and procedures were being followed.

The review concluded we had done everything correctly and within our powers to prevent the recent outbreak.

Specifically, the inspector’s report confirms that procedures are in place at Blossom Fields to prevent visitors from catching and spreading infections, that we meet shielding and social distancing rules, that we admit people safely to the service, are using PPE effectively and safely and are accessing testing for people using the service and staff.

It also confirms we are promoting safety through the layout and hygiene practices of the premises, are making sure infection outbreaks can be effectively prevented or managed, and that our infection prevention and control policy is up to date.

I applaud the amazing dedication of our whole staff team, who continue to provide the best of care for our lovely residents during this challenging time.”

Blossom Fields provides specialist nursing, end of life and dementia nursing care to elderly people.

At the time of the inspection there were 35 residents, out of a capacity of 43.