Litter bin checks planned to catch Frampton Cotterell residents dumping household rubbish

June 24 2019
Litter bin checks planned to catch Frampton Cotterell residents dumping household rubbish

BINMEN will start checking litter bins in South Gloucestershire to try and catch people who are using them to dump their household waste.

The council says some residents are “regularly” throwing waste from their homes in street litter bins – and the problem is worst in Frampton Cotterell, Thornbury and Kingswood.

Anyone whose waste is identified will face enforcement action and a possible fine.

The measure is part of a new 10-year waste strategy being launched by the council which sets a target of recycling 65 per cent of rubbish by 2035 and sending no more than 10 per cent to landfill.

The 44-page document says: “In some areas of South Gloucestershire, litter bins are being used for the disposal of household waste.

This results in overflowing bins and has a major negative effect on the appearance of our streets.

We will not tolerate households using litter bins for household waste, as the bins fill up more quickly, resulting in more litter being dropped on the floor.”

The strategy, which was approved by South Gloucestershire’s Conservative cabinet on June 17, and is going out to public consultation, says signs will be installed making this clear to residents.

The report adds: “Where education has not been effective, our collection teams will investigate the contents of household waste in litter bins to identify who is responsible and take appropriate enforcement action.”

A South Gloucestershire Council spokesperson said: “We provide public litter bins across the district for items that people need to dispose when out and about.

They should not be used for disposing of excess household waste, as they don’t have the capacity for this and if people fill them up in this way, they cannot serve the purpose for which they are intended.

Households struggling with waste can contact the council who can provide advice and extra capacity, where appropriate, and or give advice on recycling if part of their surplus is recyclable.

A small number of households are regularly disposing of their household waste in litter bins, particularly in Thornbury, Frampton Cotterell and Kingswood.

We are identifying those responsible and will take appropriate action.”

The report to cabinet said the council would review the location of its 1,000 street bins, as well as the types of bin it provides.

There have been calls for public recycling bins and council waste and cleansing group manager Kristy Spindler said it was something “we are looking at rolling out”.

The new strategy, which is due to go out to public consultation from this week, does not include any changes to kerbside collections, although from April next year bulky household items will be taken to a new facility to be shredded, removing metals, wood and rigid plastics for recycling.

The remaining material would be sent to be burned to generate energy, with the aim of zero going to landfill.

Picture: South Gloucestershire Council cabinet member for communities Rachael Hunt at the Yate Sort-It Centre.