Main road linking Frampton Cotterell and Coalpit Heath to Bristol will be resurfaced

April 01 2020
Main road linking Frampton Cotterell and Coalpit Heath to Bristol will be resurfaced

PART of the main road linking Frampton Cotterell and Coalpit Heath to Bristol is set to be resurfaced this year.

The A432 Badminton Road will be resurfaced between the Park Lane junction and Ruffet Road junction at Kendleshire, at a cost of £154,630.

It is part of £10 million of highways spending planned by South Gloucestershire Council over the next 12 months, including £7.24m in maintenance schemes.

Holmwood Close in Winterbourne is also set to be resurfaced at a cost of £46,201, while footpath work in Church Road and Badminton Road, Frampton Cotterell will also be carried out.

On top of the resurfacing and repair works, a number of new initiatives have been given the green light in a £2.3million investment scheme, including the installation of a cycle access ramp in Winterbourne, near Winterstream roundabout.

There will also be a review of parking restrictions which could see new yellow lines installed in the Moorend Road, Worrells Lane and Pye Corner area.

Winterbourne ward councillor Trevor Jones, pictured below with fellow ward councillor Nic Labuschagne, said: “I am pleased that these plans are not just focusing on improving conditions for motorists, but also for cyclists, pedestrians and bus users. 

The installation of the cycle access ramp near Winterstream roundabout means it will be easier and safer for cyclists to navigate the area, and the more people we can encourage onto their bikes and other forms of sustainable transport, the better!”

jones and labuschagne

South Gloucestershire Council is asking for people’s views as part of the second phase of a consultation on parking near the Watermore School site at Lower Stone Close.

The Junior and Infant schools are now situated together, and the pedestrian entrances are being relocated, which means that a crossing is being moved and Keep Clear zig-zags need to be altered. The council has decided to review other parking issues at the same time to try and relieve congestion around the school.

The current ‘Keep Clear’ markings may be changed to enforceable restrictions to stop people from parking at junctions and across driveways, with a 2-hour limit outside the shops to keep a turnover of customers.

The following streets will be affected: Church Road, Frampton End Road, Hillside Close, Lower Chapel Lane, Lower Stone Close, Meadow View, The Causeway, The Land, The Spot, Upper Stone Close and Woodend Road.

People can have their say on the Consultations section of South Gloucestershire Council’s website until April 10.

Main picture: Part of the section of the A432 Badminton Road which will be resurfaced this year.