Man who dumped rubbish at Winterbourne roadside ordered to pay more than £500

December 29 2021
Man who dumped rubbish at Winterbourne roadside ordered to pay more than £500

A MAN dumped five bulging bin bags and other waste at a Winterbourne roadside, despite being entitled to take it to a recycling centre.

Sunil Singh, now of Buckingham Place, Downend, dumped the waste at the side of Down Road in Winterbourne during August.

South Gloucestershire Council, which prosecuted him, said that at the time of the offence he was living half a mile from the spot where he dumped the waste.

Singh, aged 22, was prosecuted after South Gloucestershire Council’s environmental crime team investigated and found evidence relating to another address in Holcombe, near Radstock, where Singh had previously lived.

Singh was fined £200 and ordered to pay £354 in costs after pleading guilty to fly-tipping at Bristol Magistrates Court.

A man from Yate has been ordered to pay a total of £858 in fines and costs after being spotted dumping waste at a lay-by at Bury Hill in Yate the discovery of a fly-tip in Yate, South Gloucestershire.

Mitchell Palmer, aged 34, of Windsor Drive, was prosecuted after a resident saw him dumping a number of black bags, challenged him for dumping the waste and took pictures of him and the bags on a mobile phone in February.

The council said that, when interviewed, Palmer admitted fly-tipping the waste, saying it was an accumulation of rubbish from an address he had been sharing with his ex-girlfriend.

A spokesperson said: "He claimed that he’d attempted a visit to his local Sort It recycling centre that morning but found the queue too long and was not prepared to wait.

"Palmer admitted that he knew his actions were unlawful and said he was remorseful for his behaviour."

He was fined £320 and ordered to pay £504 in costs and a £34 victim surcharge.

A third person, 28-year-old Louis Henry, of Clos–Y–Gelyn, Cardiff, was fined £320 and ordered to pay £376 in costs after being spotted throwing cardboard from the back of a van onto the verge of the A46 at Clay Pitch, near Horton, in September.

Cabinet Member for Communities and Local Place, Cllr Rachael Hunt said: “There is no excuse for fly-tipping and with these particular cases, a simple trip to the local recycling centre would have meant this waste was disposed of lawfully.

“In addition to it being illegal, it’s plain laziness to dump rubbish in this way and expect others to clear the mess left behind.”

Fly-tipping can be reported by calling the StreetCare helpdesk on 01454 868000, emailing or visiting