New measures as Willow Brook shopping centre prepares for more businesses to re-open

June 09 2020
New measures as Willow Brook shopping centre prepares for more businesses to re-open

A SHOPPING centre has revealed details of social distancing measures it is introducing as it prepares for more stores to reopen.

While some stores at Willow Brook in Bradley Stoke have stayed open during the lockdown, the full centre has not been accessible.

Now, as restrictions are relaxed, the centre management has released plans of how Willow Brook will operate as more stores begin to re-open. 

The main points are:

  • All customers for Tesco will use the Bradley Stoke Way end of the mall (by Giant)

  • Customers for other internal stores and business will use the car park entrance (by Timpson)

  • All customers will leave the mall into Town Square (by Costa)

  • Individual businesses, both inside and outside the Mall building, will have queues put in place as required

  • Customers will be urged to shop alone wherever possible

Willow Brook staff are being trained to advise customers on how to make their way around.

People with appointments at businesses such as Specsavers, Ocean, Willow Brook Clinic, MyDentist, Reed, Vision Express, CJ Hole or Reflections will be able to move to the front of the queue at the car park entrance and will be allowed access as soon as numbers allow. 

Centre manager Andy Wynn said: “We’ll do our best to keep things moving as quickly and smoothly as possible, but it’s worth allowing yourself a little extra time, even for booked appointments, as Government guidelines dictate that we should limit numbers.”

Signage, loudspeaker and social media messages will reinforce the social distancing measures.

Hygiene measures include reducing ‘touch points’ such as push bins, and ensuring there are extra hand sanitising stations.

Andy said: “As we adapt to the new regulations and measures, we are encouraging people to follow the Government guidance and visit Willow Brook alone, as and when possible. In return we’ll do all we can to ensure that the centre is safe, clean and convenient to use.”

Willow Brook has cancelled all of its own special events for the year.

Andy said: “It wasn’t an easy decision, but the safety of our customers and staff is of paramount importance.”