New youth club for Frampton Cotterell

January 02 2020
New youth club for Frampton Cotterell

A NEW youth club has opened in Frampton Cotterell’s Brockeridge Centre for children in school years 6, 7 and 8.

The club is running sessions on Tuesday evenings: the same night that the Urbie Bus provision for teenagers in year 9 and above is also in the village.

The parish council has doubled its budget for youth provision and recently awarded the contract to provide youth services to the Foundation for Active Community Engagement (FACE), which runs provision across South Gloucestershire and North Bristol.

Dawn Young, from FACE, said: "We’ve been commissioned to open a junior night, then we're looking at doing some consultation with young people up until the end of March, then we'll come up with a proposal for Frampton for what provision young people want."

A discussion about provision for young people kicked off on social media in October, receiving over 100 comments, comments about teenagers using the newly-revamped Beesmoor Road children's play area.

Resident and mum-of-two Julie Marshall offered to do something to help engage young people over what activities and facilities they would like to have in the village, and organised a community meeting. However, only a few young people turned up.

FACE will now take on the challenge of involving teenagers and young people in any future decisions.

Dawn believes this is vital for any new ideas to succeed.

She said: “From the community meeting we engaged with some young people but we will be trying to contact and build relationships with more young people in the local area to find out what provision they want, and hopefully they will help drive the development of new services.”

The new youth club sessions will offer a wide range of activities, amongst them table tennis, pool, cooking, crafting, sport and media. They run every week on Tuesdays from 6.30pm to 8.30pm, costing £2 per week, or £1 if a family joins the Friends of FACE organisation for £10 a year. The Urbie bus, which is run by Youth in Sodbury, is in the village on Tuesdays from 7pm onwards, on The Park, off School Road.

For more information on the Urbie follow Youth in Frampton on Facebook.

To find out more about FACE, contact the youth team via 07749 488253, email or search for FACE – Filton on Facebook and Instagram.