School run parents cause Coalpit Heath pub parking headache

February 28 2019
School run parents cause Coalpit Heath pub parking headache

A PUB landlady says parents using her car park while they pick their children up from a nearby school are affecting trade.

The Ring O Bells in Coalpit Heath is a few minutes’ walk from Manor Church of England Primary school.

Landlady Pat Andrews says her pub never usually has problems with parking but on Friday afternoons some customers are unable to get in. She is appealing to parents picking up children from school on Fridays not to use her car park because of the impact it is having on her business.

Pat has had to put out signs, above, asking parents not to use the car park while they collect their children from school.

She said: “I’ve never objected to them parking there Monday to Thursday, that’s fine, but on a Friday the workers finish work a bit earlier – I was finding they couldn’t get in because the parents were using those spaces.”

Most of the week local tradespeople don’t start to arrive until 5pm but on a Friday they come into the pub from lunchtime onwards, ahead of the weekend. Pat said that recently a member of staff who was starting a shift at 3.30pm wasn’t able to get a space in the pub car park either.

She said: “Even though we put a sign there sometimes the mothers still drive in, but we have to say if you’re not stopping to come into the pub you can’t park here.”

Pat said parents with a bit of time to spare are welcome to arrive early and pop in to the pub for a soft drink and would then be welcome to park there.

Her plea comes after a study found children in South Gloucestershire are getting less exercise, with almost 30% doing less than half an hour of physical activity a day.

The Active Lives Children and Young People survey, published by Sport England, found that an estimated 9,200 children aged between five and 16 in South Gloucestershire do less than 30 minutes of exercise a day on average.

A further 8,200 manage an average of at least half an hour a day, but less than an hour.