Zaff reaches his 800th game for Frampton Cotterell Rugby Club

March 28 2019
Zaff reaches his 800th game for Frampton Cotterell Rugby Club

Pete Zaffiro, the veteran Frampton Cotterell Rugby Club forward, has just played his 800th game for the club. Mike Weaver, another Frampton man who has already passed 800 games, talks to him about his long playing career.

What do you remember about your first game for Frampton?

That’s a hard one. It was the 1978/79 season - I think it was BAC away. I know we lost and really did not mind losing, totally different from what I was used to when I was playing football as a younger player. Mike Meeker just said ‘there’s next week, but let’s get on the beer now and enjoy today’.


What's your favourite memory of any game?

The Combination Plate final against Old Colstonians at Clifton RFC in 2004. I came on in the last 20, helped win a vital scrum and from there we scored to win the game. I will never forget that feeling and the sense of pride for my team mates.


And the worst?

Being sent off for dissent! I find it hard to control my mouth sometimes and gets me into a lot of trouble.


What team do you most like playing against and why?

Chipping Sodbury, St Mary's, North Bristol; local derbies are the most intense games you can play – imagine losing and then drinking in the same pubs that year!


You have played most of your rugby in the front row, why is that?

Front rows have a massive respect for each other as it is the toughest position to be in and it’s a secondary battle within the game. Backs don’t get it as they have no understanding of the complexity of forward play. There again, what do backs do on the pitch, bar whinge?!


I'm sure scoring tries have been rare but can you remember one you scored that's worth a mention?

All my tries are worth a mention, however when I scored 10 tries in 10 matches way back in the day, that was pretty special.


What's the most embarrassing thing you have done?

It was a home league game and first kick off: I was under the kick off. In front of a big crowd, I shouted ‘mine’ but stumbled backwards, fell down and the ball landed right on top of my head!


If a film was made of your life in rugby, who would play you in the lead role?

Danny de Vito.


Why have you stayed at Frampton?

There are always highs and lows in any club, but the reality is that Frampton is still a village side and you have very little movement of players, as some other clubs do. It’s easy to say that, as a club, we support each other as members and as friends and I believe that is still very true – it is a big extended family.