School in talks with bus operator after pupils highlight problems for GCSE course

May 04 2022
School in talks with bus operator after pupils highlight problems for GCSE course

WINTERBOURNE Academy is in talks with provider Stagecoach over improvements to bus services bringing pupils to and from the school.

Year 10 students took up the issue and have been raising awareness over problems with services as part of a citizenship GCSE course.

They told principal Jason Beardmore there had been "frequent reliability problems with Stagecoach services, as well as issues with some drivers lacking familiarity with the routes and concerns over rising prices".

The pupils called for the school to have "the best possible bus service".

Mr Beardmore met recently with Regional Manager Karen Coventry recently to pursue this on behalf of parents.

He said: "Whilst outlining the difficulties Stagecoach face with rising costs, increased vehicle regulations and recruitment, Mrs Coventry was candid and apologetic about instances where the service to Winterbourne families has fallen short. We discussed how Stagecoach might consider improving their services in future, and Mrs Coventry provided a statement for our parents."

Mr Beardmore said he was "deeply impressed" by the Year 10 students who had been "diligently and proactively pushing for much-needed improvement"

He added: "They have articulated concerns with confidence and eloquence, and shown a keen sense of civic duty.

"We are fortunate to boast this type of student engagement, and we applaud them for it.

"Overall, the service has improved recently, thanks in no small part to the vigilance of Winterbourne students, parents and staff, and Stagecoach have made an effort to communicate more promptly and effectively over concerns raised by parents as end users.

"That said, we are still seeking reassurance that there will be a high-quality sustainable service into the long-term future."