Thought for the Month: Easter every week

April 01 2020
Thought for the Month: Easter every week

With the Rev Colin Lunt, Vicar, St Saviour’s Church, Coalpit Heath

I DON’T know if you would like to celebrate Easter every week but that is, in effect, what the church does, for every Sunday is a sort of mini-Easter.

Lent, the church season we are in at the moment, a season of preparation for Easter, is commonly understood to be 40 days long – but if we count the days from the first day of Lent, Ash Wednesday, to Easter itself, we end up with the number 46.

The extra six days are the Sundays between Ash Wednesday and Easter, which are always festival days, and so excluded from the calculation of Lent itself.

The first Easter, the day of resurrection, had such an impact on the early church that they soon changed the main day of religious observance from Saturday, the Sabbath, the last day of the week to Sunday, the first day of the week.

If you can imagine the number of discussions, committees, reports and so on that would have been produced, arguing this way and that, it is remarkable that such a change occurred.

But such was the impact of that first day of resurrection that there was an irresistible move to mark it as the main day of Christian celebration.

The resurrection of Jesus has given rise to some wonderful and life-affirming hymns, paintings, poems and prayers. And so, every Sunday service in church is marked with a sense of resurrection. That gives a resurrection shape not only to the week but to the whole year. Whatever else is happening, it is always something to celebrate.


Churches are currently closed


In a message to churchgoers on the Fromeside Benefice Facebook page, rector Father Malcolm Strange has confirmed that as a result of the Prime Minister’s announcement on coronavirus on March 23, all churches will be closed for at least three weeks. 

He said: “Father Bob and I (just the two of us) will be filming a service which will be available around noon on our website ( this Sunday. 

We will give you further updates in the coming days of how we will support you in prayer. 

Please all take care and rest assured of my prayers and blessing.”