Try the performing arts this summer

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GAMING and social media addiction are relatively new buzz words but ones that send shock waves to many parents.

Although experts argue about the best way to tackle it, what is clear is that the internet is not going anywhere, so parents are looking to find other ways to ignite their child’s imagination and create a happy and balanced life.

During the long six-week summer holiday, finding things to keep children entertained day in and day out is not easy, which is why many parents look to holiday clubs, so children can interactive with others, have fun and keep off technology.

Razzamataz Bristol North is offering a fun and affordable summer school where youngsters get to experience everything from street dance through to pop singing and traditional West End and Broadway musical theatre.

"The performing arts is a chance for children to improve their confidence, make new friends and have lots of fun,” explains Georgia Davies, Principal of Razzamataz Bristol North.

During the week, children and their teachers will work on various songs, dances and drama pieces, together with learning about theatre skills in general. Being given the chance to perform is paramount to building a child’s confidence which is why on the last day, the children will all get the opportunity to perform their showcase to friends and family.

This year’s theme is Matilda and will involve learning the scripts, spacing, voice projection and choreography.

To secure your place on the summer school at Razzamataz Bristol North contact Principal Georgia Davies at, call 07809 709003 or visit