Warning over misuse of bins in Frampton Cotterell

January 23 2020
Warning over misuse of bins in Frampton Cotterell

NOTICES have been placed on litter bins in Frampton Cotterell warning people they will be removed if household waste continues to be dumped in them.

South Gloucestershire Council announced last year that the problem of bins being filled with waste from people's homes was worse in Frampton than in almost any other area.

It also said it would be trying to identify people who were regularly throwing their waste in litter bins, with anyone caught facing a fine.

The council is reviewing the location of its 1,000 street bins, as well as the types of bin it provides.

The measures are part of a council waste strategy which sets a target of recycling 65 per cent of rubbish by 2035 and sending no more than 10 per cent to landfill.

When the strategy was announced a council spokesperson said: “A small number of households are regularly disposing of their household waste in litter bins, particularly in Thornbury, Frampton Cotterell and Kingswood.

We are identifying those responsible and will take appropriate action.

Households struggling with waste can contact the council who can provide advice and extra capacity, where appropriate, and or give advice on recycling if part of their surplus is recyclable."