Winterbourne man jailed for violence at Bristol riot

May 19 2022
Winterbourne man jailed for violence at Bristol riot

A WINTERBOURNE man has been jailed for his part in a riot in Bristol city centre.

Callum Davies (above, right) threw missiles and kicked at police officers during the disorder outside Bridewell Police Station in March last year.

He was also filmed (above, left) threatening to throw a large plastic road barrier at a line of officers during the riot, which grew out of a demonstration against the Police and Crime Bill.

Avon and Somerset police said Davies, aged 24, had denied a charge of violent disorder but was found guilty by a jury following a trial at Bristol Crown Court.

He was jailed for two-and-a-half years today by Judge Peter Blair, who said Davies’ violent behaviour could not be excused by the amount of alcohol he had drunk, adding that his failure to admit what he had done justified a longer prison sentence.

Davies was not found to be involved with some of the more serious damage caused by rioters, including setting police vans ablaze and attacking the police station.

After the hearing Detective Superintendent James Riccio said: “Footage gathered during our extensive investigation showed Callum Davies engaged in aggressive and violent acts after 10pm on the night of the riot.

“He used an orange barrier to threaten and goad officers and was captured on camera kicking officers' shields.

“He acted as part of a group which used and threatened violence, causing others to fear for their safety, and that’s why he’s now received a prison sentence for the violent disorder.”

Davies is the 20th person to be convicted or admit offences during the riot: so far 16 have received jail sentences totalling more than 60 years between them.

Further cases involving people accused of offences during the riot are still pending.