'Worst garden' award takes pride of place - in downstairs loo

December 21 2020
'Worst garden' award takes pride of place - in downstairs loo

A COALPIT Heath resident who was sent a homemade ‘certificate’ criticising her overgrown front garden has given it pride of place – in her downstairs toilet.

Kim Leonard received the anonymous A4 letter, which included two photos of the hedge growing over her front wall, by first class post.

Bordered by 84 gold stars, it contained a message in jaunty Comic Sans lettering, saying: “Congratulations. You have been awarded the WORST kerb appeal front garden on the entire Badminton Road.

What a disgrace. You are letting down the entire Coalpit Heath and Frampton Cotterell Community.

More respect, less neglect to our neighbourhood.

It’s embarrassing, don’t you think?

Please show some effort and give it a tidy please."

There was nothing on the letter to identify the sender, who had chosen the worst time to post their rant – days after the hedge had been cut down.

Kim said: “We felt surprised at the lengths someone would go to do this – a petty letter, colour photos and a star border too.

"Ironically, the hedge had been cut down the weekend before, but that's beside the point.

"If a neighbour wanted it cut back, all they had to do is knock on the door and ask."

Kim shared the certificate on a local Facebook group Frampton Cotterell And Coalpit Heath Blog, where it was widely shared and drew more than 250 comments, overwhelmingly supportive of her.

One user commented: “If they are as fastidious as they seem, they should probably revoke the award now the hedge has gone!”

Another called on the anonymous award giver to "please come forward so we can all visit their garden”.