Young heroes save a life on the way to school

December 30 2021
Young heroes save a life on the way to school

TWO boys from Coalpit Heath have received an award after rescuing a small child from being run over.

Winterbourne Academy Year 8 pupils Rudi Winter, 12, and Harry Sumner, 13, were walking to school when they saved a young boy who had run away from his mother and into busy rush-hour traffic.

Without a thought for their own safety the two friends saved him – then walked on to school as if nothing had happened.

But a member of the public who saw what happened told their school – and the boys' bravery was soon recognised with an award.

The incident happened in mid-November as Rudi and Harry were walking to school by the shops in Flaxpits Lane.

They saw a small boy, believed to be aged around four, running along the road and the boy's mother running after him, shouting: "Stop him!"

They grabbed him by the coat but it was undone, and he struggled out of it. They could see a car approaching, so stepped into the road and grabbed him.

Harry's mum, Amy, said: "They pulled the younger boy on to the pavement, where Harry cuddled him to stop him running off again, until his mother could catch up.

"The incident was seen by an awful lot of people and Harry was actually upset that no one had stopped the child before he and Rudi stepped in."

A woman who saw what happened asked the two friends, who live in Coalpit Heath, for their names before they carried on into school, as if nothing had happened.

Winterbourne Academy assistant head teacher Andrea William-Jones said: "We only learned of Harry and Rudi's selfless act from a member of the public.

"They'd been so moved by the boys' understanding and desire to help bring the toddler to safety, that they felt they had to phone in. 

"In their typically modest way, Harry and Rudi had to be fetched from lessons to explain how they had helped while on their journey to school!

"In doing as they did, we felt that both students embodied the Pride values of Winterbourne Academy. It was only right to recognise this via a Pride of Winterbourne award."

Amy said: "By some miracle, Harry actually told me what had happened that evening when he got home from school.

"To have mentioned it at all I think he must have felt quite proud of himself. I was exceptionally proud of him.

"At school he and Rudi were taken out of class by the deputy head and taken to see the head. They were probably quite nervous – until he presented them with the Pride award, which goes on their school lanyards.

"The school only gives out two or three of these awards a year. It was one of those moments that makes your heart go boom."

Rudi's mum, Stacey, said: "He came home that night and told me all about it. I'm just really proud of both boys."

The Voice would love to hear from the parents of the boy who was saved. You can get in touch at or by calling 01454 800120.


Above: Rudi Winter and Harry Sumner receive their awards from Winterbourne Academy head teacher Jason Beardmore.